Can we use dried thyme and rosemary instead?

If so, how much?

Melissa Marrocco
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1 Comment

Lori T. November 13, 2020
I generally find that you can substitute about 1 teaspoon of dried herbs for every tablespoon of fresh. There are a few exceptions, like ginger- which is stronger in the dried form. When I'm using dried herbs, I also will add those to the oil or fat used in the dish, to help bloom the spice more. In this recipe, you could add those to the butter or the sauteed onions, which would help bloom and even distribute the flavor. Of course, you want to taste your stuffing and adjust to suit yourself in the end. You also want to be sure you have fresh spices, even if they are dried- because old dry spices lose potency over time. First way to check yours is with your nose when you open the container. If it doesn't smell, it isn't going to taste either.
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