How do I dye cookies blue for Channukah without them looking gross. Planning to make star of david channukah cookie sandwiches with frosting to ship

Store was out of all blue baking decor.

  • Posted by: HopeinDC
  • December 12, 2017


kim December 26, 2017
Frosted would probably look the best. But, if you don't want a heavy buttercream, I just made a simple milk and confectioner sugar icing (but on the thicker side), and add the flavoring off your choice. Then you can either color it a solid blue or instead of mixing in the food color, swirl the drops a bit, using a toothpick. This will give a marbling effect on the finished cookie. You can then simply dip the top of your cookie in the icing and place on a baking rack to allow the icing to dry. Very good with a sugar cookie.
creamtea December 14, 2017
This site has some ideas:
Miss_Karen December 12, 2017
If you over mix raspberries or blueberries in a dough it turns blue... But, I agree with the other comments. Even if you have blue dough- when it bakes it just looks unappealing and vile.
creamtea December 12, 2017
I also wouldn't dye the dough itself. Blue is a tricky color for food. The star of David shape would be enough to channel Chanukah for me, but if you really want blue, I might go with a line of piping, with a sprinkle sanding sugar, or with gazing/dipping/flooding the tops (or a portion thereof) in blue.
HalfPint December 12, 2017
How about decorating with blue and white icing?
SMSF December 12, 2017
I agree with Nancy about not coloring the actual cookies blue.
How about using blue sanding/sparkling sugar on top of the cookies?
Nancy December 12, 2017
Can't think of way to dye them blue and be appetizing.
Maybe use alternate design scheme?
If they are cut-out to be 6-pointed star, just add silver or gold dragees on top of white icing.
If they not star-shaped, ice a star on top of cookie, then add glittering dragees.
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