frying things - doughnuts, beignets

What is your preferred oil when frying? I do it rarely so I need to go out and purchase some unless I can use sunflower.

Stephanie G


PieceOfLayerCake December 15, 2017
I like peanut oil for frying doughnuts.
HalfPint December 14, 2017
I like to use regular olive oil, ie. refined, not extra virgin. It's got a relatively high smoke point and has no odd odor (looking at you, Canola) and is fairly light in flavor. It's what I use for cooking on a daily basis so there's no need for me to go out and buy special oil for frying.
Nancy December 14, 2017
For a start, have a look at Elana Carlson article here a few years ago about frying. Top choice was peanut oil. Also a chart comparing various oils.
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