When I fry doughnuts, the dough is still raw from the inside. What could be the cause?

I preheat the oil at 350 degrees and let the dough proof for the required time. However, when I fry the doughnuts they are still raw from the inside. I can't leave them longer or else they will burn from the outside. Any suggestions?



Wangarikariukimodel April 24, 2021
The oil could be too hot
Kathleen January 10, 2015
Put a hole in it! ;) Or, do what my mom always did with the donut--take out the semi doughy center, and fill it with cream.

I'd also recommend unchilled dough, and smaller donuts.

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sdebrango January 9, 2015
The oil could also be too hot, if it's too hot the doughnut will brown quickly but not cook through.
HalfPint January 9, 2015
Could the dough be too thick?
jilhil January 9, 2015
I think your frying temperature is too low - you need 360 to 375 degrees according to what I see on the Internet. Also, if you aren't already doing it check your oil temperature with a thermometer to make sure the oil is hot enough.
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