Has anyone made this with red currant jam? I have several jars of it, and indeed, have never seen black currants available locally.



Nancy March 7, 2018
Or use a shot or two of Cassis (made fron black currants) with one of red currant, elderberry, blueberry or gooseberry jam.
Stephanie B. March 7, 2018
I haven't made this, but I think it would work with red currants. They're usually a little more tart than black currants, but have a similar flavor, no? They might give your sauce a little more tang, which doesn't sound bad to me.
karla T. March 8, 2018
Black currants taste nothing like red currants. Nor do they taste like gooseberries. But black currant jam is not hard to find.
Nancy March 8, 2018
Karla Taylor--
If course you're right about the gooseberries.
They & the other 3 are part of a berries substitution chart i was working with.
And not everyone can find black currants, hence the suggestion to mix in some Cassis for flavor,
Nancy March 8, 2018
Correction: "of course"
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