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How would you make this using frozen spinach in the filling? Thank you! ;o)

Jennie's Homemade Manicotti
Recipe question for: Jennie's Homemade Manicotti


Peanut March 10, 2011
AntoniaJames, thanks for the nod! I always mix the spinach into the ricotta/egg/Parmesan, so given your wet spinach and dry ricotta, that could make the mixture just right (mine ended up a little dry, so I added an extra egg and some leftover whey). I have one aging Meyer lemon in my fridge, waiting for just the right use. I think I'll follow your example and use the juice in salad dressing to serve with the last of my manicotti marvel tonight. :)
AntoniaJames March 9, 2011
I made it tonight (finally) . . . the spinach seemed a bit wet even after seriously squeezing, so I added an egg and a tablespoon of flour . . . my homemade ricotta was very dry, for some reason, so I didn't worry too much about it. I put down a fat little log of the cheese filling, then put almost the same amount of the spinach (I'd added a tiny pinch of nutmeg to that as well), rolled them up and was on my way. Used homemade marinara, served with a Caesar whose dressing included juice of one of my Meyers, picked about 15 seconds before starting the dressing. Really outstanding! I'll post this to the recipe as well. And yes, Peanut, it was so, so delicious! ;o)
Peanut March 6, 2011
I'm planning to do this tongiht, and I've added spinach to the ricotta filling in lasagna for years. One package of frozen spinach (or half a big bag), thawed and squeezed dry (I use a mesh colander), plus enough Parmesan to make it dry enough and/or egg to make it wet enough for the consistency you want. I think these manicotti want a wetter, creamier filling. I think you'd have to be pretty gifted to mess this up - it's sure to be delicious regardless of your proportions!
Merrill S. March 6, 2011
Boulangere, your method sounds good to me. Wonder if Jennifer has ever done this.
boulangere March 6, 2011
Great question, AntoniaJames, and I'll be curious to see how Jennifer Perrilo and Amanda and Merrill respond. I love spinach as the logical and perfect addition. I'd add 1 package of frozen spinach, thawed, then wrung out thoroughly in a towel, plus perhaps another egg. It's all a science experiment!
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