is corn flour different from corn masa? if so, is there somewhere i can get it for a decent price?

Sandi Schmitt


creamtea April 30, 2018
Yes they are different; masa is cooked and slaked (soaked in an alkaline solution). Bob's produces both products, masa harina and cornflour. The price on their website is $3.29 for the flour:
Smaug April 29, 2018
pps masa, by the way, is the Spanish word for dough; corn masa would mean the reconstituted "masa harina" (or can be ground from whole corn), which I suppose would translate as "flour for dough" or something of the sort.
Smaug April 29, 2018
I believe "cornflour" is the British name for cornstarch. Masa Harina is something completely different- it is a fine cornmeal made from corn treated with lime, which gives it a very different flavor. Also not to be confused with cornflower 9Centaurea Cyanea- AKA batchelor's button.
Smaug April 29, 2018
Don't know what happened to those parentheses(Centaurea Cyanea)- when will this site get an edit function?
Sandi S. April 29, 2018
For Christina Tosi’s corn cookies.
Rosa April 29, 2018
I’m not convinced they are but I ordered my Bob’s Red Mill corn flour from Walmart for roughly $3
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