is corn flour different from corn masa? if so, is there somewhere i can get it for a decent price?

Sandi Schmitt


creamtea April 30, 2018
Yes they are different; masa is cooked and slaked (soaked in an alkaline solution). Bob's produces both products, masa harina and cornflour. The price on their website is $3.29 for the flour:
Smaug April 29, 2018
pps masa, by the way, is the Spanish word for dough; corn masa would mean the reconstituted "masa harina" (or can be ground from whole corn), which I suppose would translate as "flour for dough" or something of the sort.
Smaug April 29, 2018
I believe "cornflour" is the British name for cornstarch. Masa Harina is something completely different- it is a fine cornmeal made from corn treated with lime, which gives it a very different flavor. Also not to be confused with cornflower 9Centaurea Cyanea- AKA batchelor's button.
Smaug April 29, 2018
Don't know what happened to those parentheses(Centaurea Cyanea)- when will this site get an edit function?
Sandi S. April 29, 2018
For Christina Tosi’s corn cookies.
Trena H. April 29, 2018
Sandi - I prefer Bob's Red Mill products. If you want something cheaper you might check your local grocery store. Here's an article describing different corn products used in cooking.
Trena H. April 29, 2018
Yes, they are different. I use masa for making corn tortillas. What will you be using it for?
Rosa April 29, 2018
I’m not convinced they are but I ordered my Bob’s Red Mill corn flour from Walmart for roughly $3
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