Is there a way to organize the search by relevance?

I'm looking for articles on the food52 website about flax. I enter 'flaxseed' into the search box and select articles. But the articles I'm getting don't have the word 'flax' in them. I've tried with several variations 'flax', 'flax meal' etc, but nothing.

When I search for recipes, I get a lot more flax related results.

Can you help me search better?



702551 June 18, 2018
You can limit search inquiry results to one site by using the site modifier in the search string on Google ("flax") like this:

The same functionality can be accessed through the advanced search page at Google:

I believe the same functionality exists on other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Best of luck.
trampledbygeese June 18, 2018
Fantastic help. Thanks so much!
Lindsay-Jean H. June 18, 2018
Hi trampledbygeese, improving site search is definitely on our team's radar and I apologize that you're not getting great results right now. I know it's not ideal, but in the meantime, I tend to use google and search for something like "Food52 flaxseed."
trampledbygeese June 18, 2018
Thanks Lindsay,
It's a great site here with some of the most delicious recipes on the internet. I'm especially fond of the articles.

I'll try the google trick
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