making quiche ahead of time

making 6 quiches for a baby shower out of town Can I make/bake them the day before, refrigerate and reheat the next morning? And to reheat, what temperature and time do you recommend? Thank you.


Ttrockwood August 15, 2018
I would blind bake the crust the night before and mix the egg filling and keep that covered in the fridge overnight.
Then morning of bake them while you’re getting ready and such.
Quiche really does suffer when rewarmed, if tou do bake the night before i would bring as is and serve room temp, skip the warming since they won’t be warm by the time you reach your destination.
Nancy August 15, 2018
Agree with Ttrockwood.
Or even, if time and set-up at the event allows
1. bake the six blind crusts at home.
2. Mix six fillings.
3. Drive to event with the quiche fixings
4. Bake the quiches
5. Serve
Lori T. August 14, 2018
I've done this for various reasons. The main problem is to avoid soggy crust syndrome, as the wetter filling soaks into the crust. You can help avoid that by brushing the raw crust with a bit of egg white, and adding a layer of something like parmesan cheese, and baking the crust until it's beginning to take on color. Then fill and finish the baking. Cool them, chill in the frig, and ready for the next day. Quiche is actually intended to be eaten either slightly warm or at room temperature- so whether you decide to heat them is up to you. When I do heat them, I do it according to Miss Martha's advice: 325 for 15 minutes as Half Pint mentions.
HalfPint August 14, 2018
Ms. Martha suggests covering with aluminum foil and reheating in a 325F oven for 15 minutes:
Smaug August 14, 2018
I'm afraid that quiches respond particularly badly to this kind of treatment.
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