pudding pan

A recipe for Shaker Spiced Apple Pudding here (https://hancockshakervillage.org/shakers/shaker-recipes/) calls for turning the batter into a "greased oblong pudding pan." Based on the ingredients, which look like a quick bread, and remembering that in England "pudding" is often used as a synonym for "dessert," and the fact that I've never seen an oblong pudding pan, I'm guessing this is just a buttered loaf pan. Or am I missing something?

Margaret Lukens


Nancy September 15, 2018
Not necessarily.
British pudding pans (as seen at Lakeland supply company) can be low open rectangular ones.
But recipes also call for steaming puddings in round, closed pans.
And some more recent ones suggest using Bundt or tube pan.
For something cooked open in an oven, yes you could use a loaf pan.
However, I wouldn't fill it as deep as you would when making a bread or quick loaf. I fear then the pudding wouldn't cook through, might remain soggy.
If you have a lot of batter and more than one pan, divide and cook in the two, for quicker and more thorough baking.
Nancy September 16, 2018
By the way, the recipe reads more like a rough pie or almonst an upside-down crumble than a loaf cake. Another reason to bake in a low pan, or even an oven-proof frying pan.
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