Not enough zucchini, substitutions?

I need 3 cups of zucchini for my recipe and only have about 2.5 cups. Should I substitute carrots or yellow squash or just use what I have?

  • Posted by: Michele
  • September 21, 2018


Jennifer September 27, 2018
Yellow squash is interchangeable. Carrots will probably work. But it also depends on what the recipe is--a baked good? a gratin? a fritter? a filling for a pasta? May I also congratulate you on being short of zucchini--the cliched problem is an excess...
BerryBaby September 25, 2018
I use carrots if not enough zucchini. Next time try a combination of both, quite good.
Ttrockwood September 24, 2018
Yellow squash (thinking you mean crookneck squash) is perfect, it will have a very similar water content, flavor and cooking time.

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Smaug September 21, 2018
Yellow squash is so close a substitute that it barely counts as one.
Nancy September 21, 2018
Half cup won't make much difference in most recipes, but some impact if it's a cake or pastry. Yes, I would include some carrot or squash, which will give flavor, color, volume & water.
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