French Meringue Buttercream

Anyone know how FMB acts room temp? I know its to die for on a cake straight from the fridge, but I need to make a cake that will be set out on display (indoors) for a party- I just want to make sure it wont melt!

Jennifer W


Stephanie B. October 3, 2018
If you can pipe it well at room temp when you're decorating your cake, there's no reason it shouldn't keep well for at least a few hours at a comparable temperature. Cold buttercreams don't spread well, and cold cakes don't usually taste as good. I think it will hold as long as your room temp is cool enough - under 74F according to serious eats. I've worked with french buttercreams when my room temp was closer to 80F and it was definitely too loose.
Jennifer W. October 3, 2018
Thank you!
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