Would it be possible to get a weight or volume measurement for canned chickpeas in this recipe?

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • October 9, 2018


Emma L. October 10, 2018
Hi Sarah! I actually wouldn't recommend using canned chickpeas. Because they're fully cooked, they're fairly different from the soaked—but still raw—dried chickpeas that the recipe was tested with.
Sarah October 11, 2018
Thanks, Emma! That's really interesting. I usually buy dried anyway, but I have a couple of cans. I'll leave the cans for another recipe.
Nancy October 10, 2018
Sarah - If I understand your question, you want to convert the dried chickpea measure given in the recipe to ones that are already cooked (commercially, in a can, or at home).
To do this, use charts found either in cookbooks or on the web. For example:
Sarah October 10, 2018
Yes, Nancy, that was the point exactly. Thank you for the link.


1/2 pound dried chickpeas

should equal about

1 cup of dried beans (2 cups of dried beans = 1 pound of dried beans)

and a "heaping 1/2 cup" of dried beans = one 15-ounce can of beans

which means two 15-ounce cans o' beans should be what this recipe calls for.

I was just hoping to avoid doing separate approximate calculations from several sites, but at least the above all comes from the same place.
Ttrockwood October 10, 2018
The chickpeas are dry- not canned. 8oz weight dry before soaking overnight.
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