I would like to make this for a breakfast meeting. Any suggestions for making this in a large baking dish in the oven? Thank you

  • Posted by: Rebecca
  • November 5, 2018
Tomato-y, Yogurt-y Shakshuka
Recipe question for: Tomato-y, Yogurt-y Shakshuka


Rebecca November 6, 2018
Thank you ladies for your helpful suggestions. I do believe you have made this possible for me to take to work. Happy cooking!
Nancy November 5, 2018
Agree with Lori...the eggs provide a challenge to get done but not overdone, in a setting which may lack industrial-size space and equipment.
Two suggestions...use a restaurant trick, and lightly poach all the eggs in advance, remove from hot water, put in cold to stop cooking, hold until needed. Then cook the sauce, and only add the eggs at the last minute to warm through.
Or, change the dish slightly and serve scrambled or baked eggs with the tomato sauce and lots of bread to mop it up.
Lori T. November 5, 2018
I like to make shakshuka sauce ahead of time and freeze it, so we can have it on tap, as it were, whenever the mood strikes or necessity demands. I also finish it in the oven, in a glass or stoneware baking dish, at 375F until it is nice and bubbly. Generally this takes about 10-15 minutes. Then you can make the indentations and add in the individual eggs, and bake until they are the doneness level you wish- which is about 10 minutes for a still runny yolk, and longer for a firmer one. So you could easily make the sauce ahead of time, and heat in the oven. The tricky part will be the eggs, which you need to time and watch because they go from not cooked to overdone- or at least without a runny yolk, in near to no time. You might could shorten that by cooking the eggs in their shells to a very soft point, and then chilling them. When you needed, you could crack each one into a spot, and finish the cooking in just a few moments more. That would cut down on the egg cooking time part, and not require so much eyes on time at the end. I'm assuming your kitchen area is not near the meeting area, and you can't just pop in and out of it. You might also take note that not everyone likes a runny yolk egg, and that will change the game a bit. Non runny yolk egg eaters, or if anyone is expecting could also change things. I suppose their portions could be microwaved to complete the cooking to a harder stage, though, if needed. Anyway, good luck with it. My family loves, loves, loves this and several variations on the theme. Plan on lots of baguette slices to go with it.
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