what does the 2 pieces mean for eggs? both yolk and white right. plus, is their a white version of this? like french cream silk or white chocolate...

... silk

Tiffany Castiglione
French chocolate silk pie
Recipe question for: French chocolate silk pie


Nancy November 22, 2018
Agree with Lisanne on the wording and recipe likely needs 2 whole large eggs.
There may be a white chocolate version, but look for a separate tested recipe.
Don't just substitute white chocolate for dark or milk as they are different foods and cook differently.
creamtea November 21, 2018
I would go with 2 eggs; it probably has to do with the mechanics of writing/submitting a recipe on this site, wherein the recipe writer has to select some of the wording from a drop-down menu. Although a better choice of wording now exists in the drop-down menu, that may not have been the case when this recipe was first submitted. Perhaps one of the editors or the recipe writer will chime in.
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