Could I possibly leave out the rum or use something other than liquor? I don’t like using liquor in my recipes. Thanks

Strawberry-Mascarpone Tart
Recipe question for: Strawberry-Mascarpone Tart


Imogen December 1, 2018
I would add something else to give the recipe "sharpness" in place of liquor - maybe a little bit of zest or juice of citrus.
Nancy December 1, 2018
Sharpness for rum?
Citrus? Not to my taste.
It's only a tablespoon, so I agree with Smaug...might as well just omit and not replace.
But if you want to include something else for complexity, I'd go for semi-sweet or dark chocolate; maple, date or pomegranate syrup or molasses.
All different tastes, to be sure, but picking up on the sugar base of rum.
Smaug December 1, 2018
You could skip it- maybe use a little more vanilla.
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