About stabilized whipped cream...

Made a charlotte for tomorrow (dark chocolate mousse, blackberry mousse) that will remain top side up lined with ladyfingers. Theres about 1.5" left of space at the top and Id like to fill it will whipped cream. Can you unmold stabilized whipped cream? Cooks illustrated recommends 1.5 tsp gelatin per 1.5 c cream for stabilized whipped cream- but will that be enough to maintain a decent shape when unmolded? It will be supported with ladyfingers... Should I add some cream cheese or something similar in addition to gelatin? Thoughts?

Jennifer W


Smaug December 13, 2018
I don't have any experience with molds, but I can tell you that cream stabilized that way isn't noticeably different in texture from plain cream, it's a matter of staying power.
Jennifer W. December 13, 2018
Hmm ok. I guess I was thinking maybe it would give it more body so that it would be as "sliceable" as the mousse... I think ill whip some mascarpone or cream cheese into it instead. Thanks for replying.
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