unbundting a cake?

Can you make this cake as two 9-inch rounds? https://food52.com/recipes...

  • Posted by: Jill
  • January 11, 2019


Liz D. January 11, 2019
Found this: http://dish.allrecipes.com/cake-pan-size-conversions/
Jill January 11, 2019
Thank you. My concern is how to handle the filling if I’m doing it into 9 inch round cake pans instead of a Bundt
Liz D. January 11, 2019
I think it would be kind of hard to try to actually fill 9-inch layers with the coconut filling. Maybe you could pat it out into two 8-inch circles on greased parchment, & flip it over onto the first half of the batter in each pan, then peel off the paper, then put the rest of the batter on top? I don't know how easily the paper would come off, though. Or you could just dollop the coconut stuff on top of each filled pan & swirl it in a bit with a knife rather than trying to layer it?
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