Split pea soup

Snow storm coming to I decided to try my hand at split pea soup. I have never made it but my mother did and it seemed pretty straight forward. The peas have a soup recipe on the bag, no soaking mentioned but then in a separate area it describes soaking them. Is that needed for making soup? I don't remember it as being part of the process.



Wendy January 19, 2019
I agree, no soaking. My mother used to make this with a ham bone but I care about my family’s health so I instead use vegetable stock and add smoked paprika or chipotle in for that smoky flavour. It’s a hearty family classic, in fact we usually have it on Christmas Eve accompanied with tourtiere, ( I have adapted that recipe for health reasons also,) for remembrance of our humble beginnings in the new world.
BerryBaby January 19, 2019
No soaking as Nancy stated. I have been making this for years as well.
I use chicken or vegetable broth instead of water. Stay warm!
Nancy January 19, 2019
Made this soup for years.
No soaking needed.
Enjoy being cozy during the storm.
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