Cooking with erythritol

I eat grain free, low carb. I hate stevia (I get the nasty after taste). But I have recently discovered erythritol and am learning to bake with it. I would like to adapt recipes to using erythritol. Apparently it can be used 1/1 to replace sugar. I have learned that using the powdered version instead of the granular version is helpful. I used it to make vanilla cupcakes and they turned out great. But I'm wondering what pitfalls I should look out for? For instance, it doesn't caramelize the way sugar does. Also if I use it to replace a wet sugar, like agave nectar or maple syrup, do I need to add an extra wet ingredient to make up for the moisture? And if so what? I used half unsweetened apple sauce and half erythritol in the cupcakes. This worked out fine, but then I'm upping the carbs with the apple sauce! Any advice on baking with erythritol would be appreciated!

  • Posted by: RP
  • January 31, 2019
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1 Comment

ktr January 31, 2019
I have not done much experimenting with subbing erythritol in any standard recipes, but I will suggest you try some recipes at several websites:,, and Many of my favorite low carb baking recipes are from gnom gnom paleo. And the scotcheroos on all day I dream about food are a favorite in my family-and happily eaten by my non-low carb friends and family.
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