Since the rice cakes are cooked in the soup, do they get mushy if there's leftovers?

Korean Dduk Guk Rice Cake Soup
Recipe question for: Korean Dduk Guk Rice Cake Soup


Hana A. February 4, 2019
Sounds delicious, Stephanie! Thanks for reporting back. I like your workaround. :)
Hana A. February 3, 2019
Hi Stephanie,

Dduk guk is meant for consumption asap, but honestly I've had leftovers the next day and it's still good (rice cakes are obviously just softer, but I like it just fine). I wouldn't go beyond that though. Happy lunar new year and thanks for your question!
Stephanie B. February 3, 2019
Thanks for the reply! I decided to cook the rice cakes separately. I took some liberties by adding some mushrooms and greens, but this is delicious, thanks for such a yummy recipe!
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