If I don't have access to oil-cured olives, can I omit them or use a different kind?



John C. February 11, 2019
I don't know the recipe but olives have a flavour that disappears when cooked. They are more decorative than anything.

I have had Hyderabadi-style caperberrys. They were great and would be a good replacement for oiled olives any day of the week. I can't remember the brand though.

I know you can get caperberries in India, and if you can't find the pickle where you live I have seen recipes for pickling your own which was basically caperberries, achar powder and mustard oil.
Nancy February 11, 2019
If you can't find them locally, yes omit. I wouldn't use plain canned or bottled olives ...in my experience, many are bland.
Possible sources:
*On-line grocers (general and specialist).
* Italian or Middle-Easter groceries (if any near you).
Possible substitutes:
* Something packed in olive oil that would also give a salty taste (e.g. sardines or anchovies).
* Giardiniera, an Italian pickled vegetable mix, sometimes called a relish. Comes in mild to hot/spicy variations. Has olive oil in it. Also available on-line or in bricks and mortar Italian or Middle-East stores.
prash.cant.shush February 11, 2019
Thanks so much! I live in India and I checked everywhere but fresh olives cured in olive oil are impossible to come by. I might give anchovies a try--I have a nice jar of Ortis coming in soon!
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