Where to get Pandan extract?

Does anyone have a source for real Pandan extract, not artificial? Since vanilla prices have gone up so high Ive been curious about trying it.

Jennifer W


Stephanie B. February 26, 2019
If you live near an Asian grocery, you might be able to find frozen pandan leaves too. You could blitz those with some water to get an extract (that leaves a very pleasant green color to custardy desserts), or use the leaves themselves to lend food their fragrance. I agree with HalfPint that pandan and vanilla don't taste at all similar. I know the internet suggests you can use pandan like vanilla, but I think the internet is off on this one.
HalfPint February 25, 2019
Your local Asian grocery store might have it. I would look in the aisle with seasonings and spices. If they only have the frozen leaves, you can make an extract with the leaves (search web for "pandan extract"), though this extract is best for immediate use.

Since you're looking for a substitute for vanilla, I would forewarn that pandan's flavoring is nothing like vanilla. True it is 'sweet', but in an herbaceous (it's a grass after all), almost woodsy way. Vanilla is sweet in a flora way. They're nothing alike (to me, anyway). Pandan can be very strong and almost overpowering.
HalfPint February 25, 2019
Forgot your initial question: I would also check Ebay. I get a lot of hard to find herbs and spices from there.

Jennifer W. February 25, 2019
Good idea- it may take some work since my local place doesnt carry many English labels:) Glad to have some firsthand info on the flavor profile!
HalfPint February 25, 2019
@Jennifer W, I just wanted to clarify that "flavoring" should be fragrance. That said, I LOVE the fragrance of pandan. Especially in those green waffles that they sell at Asian bakeries (oh heaven!).
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