Is it safe to make crockpot chicken wings as follows?

(1) Smear oil on bottom of my 4-quart crockpot.
(2) Cut up a potato and a sweetPotato with just enough pieces to fill bottom of crockpot (on top of the smeared-oil).
(3) Then pour enough filtered-water to cover the cut-up potatoes/yams.
(4) Then put chicken wings on top of all the multi-color potatoes (just enough wings to cover them).
(5) Then smear sweetSour duckSauce onto the chicken wings, enough to cover them.
(6) Cover with parchment paper?
(7) Cook on Low for 3.5 hours for fresh wings (or on High for 2.5 hours for frozen wings)

  • Posted by: Judy
  • March 17, 2019


ktr March 18, 2019
As long as everything is cooked, it should be safe to eat.
Judy March 24, 2019
Thanks, though that's not what i really meant. I meant - will the recipe work? Or is there a better way to do it in my 4-qt slowcooker? (Also, is there a recommended way to accomplish same in a 9x13 disposable alum.pan in oven?)

Basically - I just want it to come out as luscious as if it would be done in a lidded-frypan, albeit without having to babysit it so much.

It's beyond belief how i can't find online instructions for making SIMPLE ducksauce wings (or drumsticks) by various methods.

I.E. maximum 3 ingredients:
(1) wings (2) ducksauce (3) onion
(1) drumsticks (2) ducksauce (3) onion
Judy March 24, 2019
P.S. oops make that 4 ingredients (added potatoes)
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