Tahini dressing too lemony. How can I fix it?

Tahini dressing has too much lemon. What will help?

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dinner A. March 21, 2019
I would simply drizzle in more tahini until it's back in the flavor range you prefer, then adjust the salt and liquid (water and/or oil) to your desired consistency. You can also tone down acidity by neutralizing with a pinch of baking soda (go slow! it's easy to overshoot) but this won't reduce the non-acid-based lemon flavor.
Before you adjust it, do try it with whatever you've planned to dress with it (if you haven't already); I often find that tahini dressing has to taste very lemony on its own to taste right in an assembled dish.
Food O. March 21, 2019
Thanks. I did add some water. It is less lemony on the salad of roasted butternut squash, red oinion amd chick peas.
LeBec F. March 22, 2019
as we say in MA., SMAHT SMAHT SMAHT!
LeBec F. March 22, 2019
OOH, try adding some pomegranate seeds, all on a bed of spinach! [or not]. yummy!
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