Swapping Sockeye for King - Suggested Mods?

I usually make the following recipe with King salmon, and the modifications below for expediency and a wife who does not like overly rare fish. Unfortunately my online grocer is out, and if I want to make it tonight they only have flash frozen wild sockeye. What, if any, further mods should I make?

Base recipe: https://www.epicurious...

My usual modifications:
- sear the skin side for 1-2 min before baking to crisp the skin
- cook at 325 for 18 min (if it were up to me I'd do the original 275, but my wife is not into the rare fish)
- I put on a lot more of each of the marinade ingredients. I don't really keep track of the amount, I just add a thin layer of lemon zest and thyme to the entire top of the fish, and coat the top in olive oil (any excess will run off anyway).
- I use dried thyme as a concession to time (no pun intended). Otherwise the prep time for the recipe becomes twice as long.

As prepared above, everyone who has ever had it has raved; but, how will it come out using the less-fatty Sockeye??




Liz D. March 29, 2019
I think you need to be careful not to overcook it, as the Sockeye fillet is thinner, and, as you mentioned, less fatty. It probably won't take as long to cook. I'd use a thermometer. I found this article: https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/cooking-tips/article/effed-it-up-oven-baked-salmon which mentions 120 for Med-rare, so I might shoot for 130-135, then let it rest, to be done but not dry? Otherwise, I think it would still be good; it'd be firmer and not quite as rich
Brooklynite March 31, 2019
I tried to use the recommendation you made, but I overcooked it anyway. It ended up cooking so fast on the stove
that by the time I got it in the oven and got the thermometer in, the inside temp was something crazy like 180. and I just pulled it back out of the oven. I still liked the fish but the rest of my family wouldn't touch it.
Liz D. April 3, 2019
Sorry it didn't turn out. It may have been that they just didn't like the flavor of Sockeye vs. King? It's stronger-tasting, and I find that the frozen stuff does have a fishier flavor...
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