Thicc (typo probably) Coconut Flour Brownies

The question relates to step #8 - "before adding chocolate ganache*" ---and the last ingredient - 1/4 c. chocolate chips. I'm sure the 2 are related but there is no reference to the *. So I guess one puts the chocolate chips on top after cooked? Minor - but steps 7,8,9 are mixed up. want to make these before I start Whole 30 this Sunday!

Candace Mallard
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Thicc Coconut Flour Brownies
Recipe question for: Thicc Coconut Flour Brownies

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Sara March 29, 2019
Hello Candace! I apologize for the confusion on the instruction. I have corrected them so they're in the right order and I also added the recipe for the chocolate ganache (which is where the chocolate chips come in) to go on top of the brownies (this is optional). The title "thicc" isn't a typo, but I do appreciate the correction in case it was wrong. Good luck with your Whole30!
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