Recipe conversion two larger pan

Apple slab pie recipe calls for a 15 by 10 by 1 pan and I want to use a 18 by 24 by 2 pan to feed a larger crowd and I need to know how to increase the ingredients and the baking time for larger pan

Shana Lynn Pueblo


Smaug March 30, 2019
Well- you have 232/150, essentially twice the surface area- it's usually best when increasing recipes to keep the depth the same for similar results, so I'd double the recipe and keep the cooking time the same. One thing to look out for is to make sure your oven can handle the pan and leave enough room around the edges for air circulation; otherwise the same depth should have virtually the same cooking time.
Smaug April 1, 2019
Sorry, that was all wrong, that should have been 432/150, and the recipe should be tripled, I hope I didn't screw you up too much. I can live with a fading memory, but if my arithmetic is going I'll start to worry.
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