Would it be possible to substitute buttermilk for the milk? The cake was nice, but a bit on the crumbly/dry side; still had a lot of great flavor but trying to make it a bit more dense.

Erin Connally


Regine April 7, 2019
I meant “do” instead of “ drive.”
Regine April 7, 2019
From experience, if a cake is on the crumbly side, add more eggs. I see recipe asks for two, use three instead.
As for making it more moist, replace some of the butter with oil using formula butter = 80% oil 20% milk. This formula has never failed me. For this particular chocolate cake which asks for 9 tbsp butter, i would do 4 tbsp butter, 4 tbsp vegetable oil (80% of 5) and 1 additional tbsp milk (20% of 5). As for replacing milk with buttermilk, the later does make a cake more tender but you may have to add more baking soda. I would just drive my egg and oil suggestion.
Erin C. April 8, 2019
Thank you so much!
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