Make Ahead?

I would like to make this in a couple of days, but I have very little time that day. Do you think I could make the filling and the crust and then chill tomorrow and then fill and bake the day after?

Mona Preeti
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Sausage and Apple Pie
Recipe question for: Sausage and Apple Pie

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Lori T. April 11, 2019
You could safely and easily make both filling and crust the day before and refrigerate overnight. In fact it will likely make the crust portion even easier to use and better tasting. Same with the filling- it will have time to really mature the flavors. I imagine you could even assemble the entire thing, chill it overnight, and then pop the ready to go pie into the oven. I have done this with other types of savory pies, and it works a treat.
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