Chicken Francese okay to make day before?

Can Chicken Francese be made the night before serving? Help! Want to serve on Easter. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Camille
  • April 11, 2019


Ttrockwood April 11, 2019
I think any reheating or make ahead doesn’t work well for something with a breading, and it’s easy to overcook and dry out while rewarming.
Something like ina garten’s famous lemon chicken would give you a similar flavor profile but also be much more forgiving if you need to bake earlier in the day and reheat. Also way less fuss to make
Camille April 12, 2019
Thanks. Might abandon whole idea.
Cary April 11, 2019
Typically Francese is in a very light egg batter, without breading to protect it. I am afraid you would be very disappointed in the reheated chicken and coating: most likely dry and gummy. It is very quick to cook but for a large group and if you need it to be done ahead, I would look for another chicken recipe; something roasted or braised maybe.
Camille April 11, 2019
Thank you!
Lori T. April 11, 2019
I think it depends on the recipe you plan to use. The lemon sauce could be made ahead of time, chilled and ready to go. But honestly, precooked chicken breasts usually end up dry and chalky when overcooked in the reheat process. If you use boneless breasts which you pound into cutlets, or tenders- either of those cook rather quickly, in less than 15 minutes definitely. You could even purchase those premade, pre-breaded and ready to cook. Then on the day, simply cook the chicken. While that cooks, reheat the sauce, pour over the cooked chicken, and serve up.
Camille April 11, 2019
Thank you. Also cooking other things. Might sauté cutlets earlier, then heat with premade sauce in covered pan in low oven.
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