Can jalepenos sit in the car for a couple hours while I am shopping?


Panfusine March 21, 2011
Oh Absolutely, they're tough!
Ophelia March 21, 2011
I might worry about pepper plants left in the car, but unless you think they'll be stolen by a passing pepper thief I wouldn't worry.
pierino March 21, 2011
Should be no problem unless you leave your car keys with them.
fry I. March 21, 2011
I would ask "What are you going to do with them ?" If your making salsa or cooking them in a few days sure, but if you plan on preserving them like canning or freezing I would run from the garden to the kitchen.
littleknitter March 21, 2011
Probably. They're pretty hearty little peppers and will last forever in my fridge. I don't see why a couple of hours in the car would hurt them, though I wouldn't recommend leaving them overnight in case they freeze (although if you are in a portion of the country where it is no longer freezing, this won't be a problem) or in case the extended exposure to heat makes them go off.
jwolfsthal March 21, 2011
how hot is the car? Don't see any health reason why they cannot sit for a few hours in the car as long as it is not 150 degrees or some such.
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