Left spanikopita out for 4/5 hours :( help!

I took a spanikopita (yes with feta cheese and eggs) our of a 400 degree oven and left it out to cool so I could refrigerate. It was uncovered and HOT. I accidentally fell asleep from 11:30-4:00am!!!!! Help is it still safe!?? I immediately put it In the fridge when I woke up. Help, I don’t want to waste the whole thing :( - stupid sleepy chef



Uncle J. May 22, 2019
I see them in bakery cases left at room temp all day for what its worth...
Stephanie B. May 22, 2019
So it was already baked? I'd eat it.
Confusedfoodie May 22, 2019
Ok! Thank you, yes, it was fully baked at 400 degrees I am just getting so many conflicting Answers on the web, I thought I’d ask some real foodies!!
BerryBaby May 22, 2019
According to answers.yahoo.com it's fine to keep it out at room temperature.
Confusedfoodie May 22, 2019
Hmm, I can’t see it but will keep looking ! TY
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