I had a dish called cherries au poivre. Cherries cooked in a green peppercorn cream sauce with Pernod. Any idea how to make it?

Cherries were still whole and not cooked down. You tasted the peppercorns but did not see them. The flavor was amazing!!!

Bruce Baughn


David D. November 2, 2021
The sweet ''sauce au Poivre'' is a very French touch of eccentricity, It really show the boundaries are very wide when it come to mixing flavours.
Also this Sauce can sometime be mistaken for Pistachio ice cream flavour but is in fact very much real savoury pepper spice.
Personally I like a hint of bitter cocoa powder or Pernod in it.
As for the recipe it is nothing more than ''Lightly'' Fried fresh peppercorn in sugar and oil topped with a Cream Anglaise sauce or double cream reduction if you run out of time

Nancy July 12, 2019
Here's a French recipe for strawberries in a sauce with your key ingredients - green pepper, cream and Pernod.
If yours was a dessert sauce and not a savory one, this looks close.
Use Google translate, as needed.
Nancy July 12, 2019
The link:
Bruce B. July 13, 2019
Thank you Nancy. This might be it. The waiter said the chef also did the au poivre recipe to strawberries.
Smaug July 12, 2019
I keep hoping that someone will answer this, as it sounds interesting- a Bing search turned up a number of recipes for au poivre sauce and steak au poivre, with comments that the sauce can be used for other purposes; you might try poking around there or on Google to see if anything sounds familiar.
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