Deboned chicken required for recipe?

The recipe calls for a deboned chicken, I'm trying to figure out if it truly needs to be deboned? I want to make Gwyneth and Julia's chicken with harissa, preserved lemon, and green olives from It's All Good. (I bought a whole chicken wrapped in plastic from Whole Foods the other night)

  • Posted by: bellly
  • July 20, 2019


Emma L. July 21, 2019
Hi! How is the chicken cooked in the recipe? You can *probably* adapt it, but the cook time would definitely change. Here's a guide on how to braise chicken thighs: Maybe you could chop the chicken you have into even 8 to 10 even-size pieces, follow that technique, and add in ingredients inspired by the recipe (harissa, preserved lemon, green olives).
Gammy July 21, 2019
Sorry, your question would be easier to answer with a link to the recipe. Having said that, if the recipe calls for large pieces of chicken (boneless thighs, breasts, etc.) you can probably sub in the same with the bones in. Might need to cook a bit longer, an instant read thermometer is your friend. You could then just break down your whole chicken into the smaller pieces.
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