Could you sub marshmallow fluff for the cream cheese ...? I’m dairy free and the cream cheese is a hard no for me!



Emma L. July 31, 2019
Hi Lisa! I haven't used marshmallow fluff much, so it's hard for me to say for sure. It might be okay when it comes to stability (and slice-ability), but it also might make the bars too sweet. Maybe a vegan cream cheese would be a better bet? The flavor would be closer to the original recipe and it's dairy-free.
HalfPint July 31, 2019
I think Tofutti (plain, of course) might work here.
Hannah February 5, 2020
That’s a great idea! I loved this recipe and it was a hit, but I’d like to try them again without the cream cheese flavor. Would more peanut butter work in its place? Or maybe a little more Oreo cream filling instead?
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