Recipe ratings and "reviews" vs. comments

I'm looking for clarity on a few recipe-related things:

1.) Where does a member add a rating (a starred one through five) to a recipe? I'm not finding that option. I only see a place to write a review/comment.

2.) When rating a recipe with stars, is the user prompted to write a corresponding review? There are often star-ratings with no explanation. Comments/"reviews" seem to be a totally separate, unrelated thing.

3.) It appears that "reviews" are exactly the same things as "comments". So the "Reviews" section below the recipe often includes commentary that has nothing to do with the experience of making/tasting the recipe. Is that right?

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1 Comment

Laura August 16, 2019
Thanks for reaching out! You can add a rating by clicking on the star rating at the top of the recipe, below the recipe title and author name. After rating the recipe, you will be asked if you'd like to write a review as well.

Conversely, you can write a review first. After submitting, you will be asked if you would like to add a rating.

Readers can leave a rating, a review, or both. At this time, the ratings do not display alongside their corresponding reviews.

Hope this helps!
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