Standard loaf pan versus mini loaf pan baking time

What’s the difference in baking time between a standard loaf pan and mini loaf pans?

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1 Comment

Lori T. August 22, 2019
The usual suggestion is to reduce the baking time by 1/4 - but that varies depending on exactly what you are baking in them. A mini loaf pan obviously holds less batter or dough, so it will bake faster than the larger pan. Generally I find quick bread batters in mini pans will bake in about 30 minutes, sometimes in as little as 25. I've also found it helpful to reduce the oven temperature slightly, about 25F lower, to even out the baking through the loaf. A standard loaf recipe will usually fill about 3 mini loaf pans as well. If you are baking multiple small pans, it's helpful to stagger their placement on a baking sheet, rather than lining them up evenly across. Otherwise the pan in the middle is likely to lag behind in time because it's getting shielded a bit by the pan on either side. If you have the time and inclination, you can also bake a test loaf in your pan to check time and note that for future reference as well as for baking the remaining batter.
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