I love the round sprinkles! But after extensive Googling, I've not been able to locate anything similar. Any advice?

I can't wait to make this cake for my 12th anniversary later this month!

Jason Chavarria
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Ultimate Chocolate Cake


Lori September 3, 2019
CALLEBAUT Chocolate Dark Crispearls, 1 LB
by Callebaut on Amazon... there's also a milk chocolate version
Stephanie G. September 2, 2019
The "sprinkles" look like Valhrona Pearls to me. They have them at Sur La Table.
Miss_Karen September 1, 2019
It looks like 'chocolate pearls' were used instead of 'sprinkles.' These can be found at any cake supply store. I know I have seen them at Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma & possibly Whole Foods. Yes, Michael's craft store sells them too (I think.) Wilton is one company that makes them.
Stephanie B. September 1, 2019
Do you mean sixlets - something like these: https://www.shorecakesupply.com/product/sixlet-chocolate-candies/ ? If so, I've found them in the baking aisle of grocery stores regularly, Michael's (yes the crafting store), or other websites should have them. Happy anniversary!
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