It's so much cake, how do I cut recipe in half?

Made this cake with my daughter last weekend and it turned out great! However it is so rich and chocolatey that we can't finish it & still have almost half leftover. How can I cut the recipe in half when it calls for 5eggs?

  • Posted by: Adri
  • October 21, 2019
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Ultimate Chocolate Cake


creamtea October 23, 2019
As an alternative to Nancy's and HalfPint's suggestions, what I do when halving a recipe with an odd number of eggs ("cutting an egg in half" as it were), is beat that egg and use about half the amount. I don't weigh, just go by eye. Thus, crack the first two eggs into a bowl, crack a third egg into a small bowl, monkey dish or custard cup, beat with a fork, and pour out roughly half. (I know, the remaining half-egg, what to do with it?.....I'd probably scramble it up with an extra egg or two later for lunch).
Nancy October 21, 2019
I was going to suggest two methods.
HalfPint has given one.
The other is to make the full recipe cake and full recipe frosting, but only frost & eat one of the two layers
Freeze, separately, the remaining layer and half the frosting for a future date.

Adri October 21, 2019
Words of wisdom! Thank you!
HalfPint October 21, 2019
Since the 5 eggs are for the cake, beat all 5 together and use half (volume or weight) for the cake and save the other half for breakfast (scramble?) or another use.
Adri October 21, 2019
Genius! Thank you!!
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