Can i add rum/whisky to turn this into a chocolate liquor cake?

If its possible, where and how much should i add? Thank you

Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Ultimate Chocolate Cake


Ms P. October 12, 2021
I baked this cake. It was out of the world. And I am about to bake it again but i want it half the size as it was super big so what size baking pan I should use and also do I just cut all quantities listed to half ?
Lori T. January 3, 2021
You can add rum or whisky in at a few spots with this cake recipe. Just be aware than depending on the amount you add, you can alter the texture of your cake. Small amounts, less than a few tablespoons, are likely to evaporate in the baking within leaving behind much flavor change either. So I would suggest using 12 tablespoons of it in place of 12 tablespoons of the water you will bloom the cocoa powder in. You can also brush on a rum (or whisky) - simple syrup to the layers when they are removed from the oven. I would have some care adding in too much liquor though, especially with the syrup. If the alcohol isn't going to be cooked off, it will leave a strong raw flavor behind that can overwhelm everything else.
Nancy January 3, 2021
Yes...esp as vanilla extract has an alcohol base, start by replacing it with your rum or whiskey.
After you've baked the cake and made the filling, taste.
If the liquor taste is enough, stop there.
If you want it stronger, poke the cake and sprinkle a spoon or two more of the rum or whiskey on the cake.
Finish assembly.
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