Any recipes using Black bean pasta

I just found a Black bean pasta from Costco. Made from black soybeans. Any thoughts on nutrition or recipes

  • Posted by: Nan
  • September 11, 2019


boulangere September 13, 2019
I love black bean pasta, and my favorite way to serve it is in a Southwest-inspired salad. First, cook the pasta according to the package instructions, but minus about a minute. It will absorb some liquid from the salad ingredients, and you don't want it to get too soft as it sits. Corn on the cob is still tends to be available, so strip the kernels from 2 large ears. Halve a pint of grape tomatoes. Drain and rinse a can of pinto beans. Wash about half a bunch of cilantro, pat it dry on and with a kitchen towel, then roughly chop it, including the tender stems. Chop a red onion into a small dice. Add all ingredients to a bowl large enough to let you toss them together. Toss with tongs to blend. Make a dressing from 4 ounces of olive oil, juice of 1 lime; an ounce of white wine vinegar, a clove of garlic peeled and minced; 1/2 teaspoon each of ground cumin, coriander, and chili powder. Whisk together and season to taste with sea or kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Pour over the salad and toss everything together. Allow sit at room temp for 30 minutes. Toss once more before serving. This goes wonderfully with barbecued anything.

By the way, keep the cobs and use them as the basis for a vegetable stock. Break them in half. Peel and tip 4 carrots. Cut them into 1" chunks. Wash and trim 4 stalks of celery. Remove the root end from a large yellow onion. Leave the skin on. Cut it in half vertically, then chop each half into quarters. Smash 3 cloves of garlic, leaving the skin on. Place everything in a soup pot. Add a couple of bay leaves and a handful of parsley (leave the stems on). Add cold water to cover by 3 inches. Cover the pot and place it over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, then remove the lid and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook stock until it reaches a good flavor concentration, about 3 hours. Set a large bowl in the sink and set a colander in it. Pour the stock into the colander to remove the large solids, scraping everything out of the pot. Lift the colander to all the vegetables to finish draining, then discard them. Pour the stock back into the pot, then set a fine-mesh sieve over the bowl and pour the stock through it to remove the fine particulates. Allow to cool to room temperature before refrigerating or freezing. Use as the base for soups, or to cook rice, or...........
Nan September 13, 2019
Thank you sounds delish !!
boulangere September 14, 2019
You're most welcome. I neglected to mention that after cooking the pasta and draining it, return it to the pot and immediately run cold water into it, tossing the pasta until it cools completely, then drain it once more. Bon appétit!
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