What's your favorite Genius Recipe of all time?

Or, if that's too hard...what's the Genius Recipe you keep coming back to? Or the Genius Recipe you tell your family and friends: You *have* to make this. And why do you think it's so Genius? Here's a link to all the recipes from the column: https://food52.com/users.... Can't wait to hear what you all say!

Emma Laperruque


AntoniaJames September 30, 2019
Can I have more than one favorite? I recently discovered these two, both of which get raves . . .
Nigella Lawson's One-Step, No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream


Dori Sanders’ No-Churn Fresh Lemon Ice Cream

Both are outstanding, and each, simplicity itself.

I recently did a variation on the coffee ice cream recipe, substituting a tablespoon of Simply Organic Vanilla Extract (great stuff) for the espresso powder, and once it was not quite frozen, adding chunks of first rate organic fair trade chocolate, tempered using this method, in an article that itself deserves Genius status, like everything else Medrich has written for Food52:

Why the Chocolate Chunks in Your Ice Cream Are Gritty (& How to Fix It)

I hope others find this helpful. ;o)
gandalf September 21, 2019
Martha Stewart's Mac and Cheese recipe (but without the crouton/bread crumb crust).
luvcookbooks September 20, 2019
Genius polenta. Mine always got lumpy or stuck to the pot and now it’s perfect every time!
AntoniaJames September 19, 2019
Crook's Corner Green Peach Salad. https://food52.com/recipes/13549-crook-s-corner-s-green-peach-salad Here are a few tips: It's even better made with fresh basil instead of mint. I make it with just three ingredients: stone fruit, salt and basil. That's it. For parties and other other special occasions, I'll use a combination of white and yellow stone fruit, because it's so darn pretty. I make this all summer using both nectarines and peaches. It's bright, crispy, crunchy, a bit bracing, and made in about a minute and a half (not counting the time it needs to sit - 15 - 20 minutes), and original Bonus points for coming from Chapel Hill, where my son, his father and his father's mom and dad all went to college.
Everyone loves it. Thanks for asking. ;o)
gandalf September 21, 2019
I love Crook's Corner! And, Go Heels!
AntoniaJames September 30, 2019
Yes, gandalf, Crook's Corner is quite a little gem, in a town where there are so many great places to eat. We were thrilled to see this recipe featured. ;o)
Gammy September 19, 2019
Those incredible "Rao's Meatballs". https://food52.com/recipes/22467-rao-s-meatballs . And although I have bastardized the recipe by NOT including the veal, you know what... they are STILL the best meatballs I have ever eaten. Soft, moist, flavorful. Everyone I have ever served them to just raves about them.
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