How would I recreate this? I would like to make this but am unsure on how to dye the accents of the bread.

Want to know how to I achieve this bread? Do I split the dough and dye it? And pour it in before in before I place in the remaining dough?

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Gammy October 3, 2019
Very cute treats! Unfortunately I can only see the center photo, but judging from the size of the cooling rack, these appear to be either cookies or a decorated puff pastry and not actually bread. If so, the decoration most likely was done with a colored paste, possibly marzipan, pushed into a mold then removed from the mold and placed onto a scalloped-edge piece of raw puff pastry and baked. The creator may have used an egg wash as glue to affix the decoration to the top. Do you have a recipe or other reference?
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