Cinnamon sugar pull apart bread

What can be substituted for the apricot jam as we don’t care for this type?



Gammy November 5, 2019
I think almost any type of Jam/preserves would be delicious in this bread. Peach and cinnamon are a classic combination and a seedless berry jam would be good also. The recipe reminds me of monkey bread, just stepped up with the addition of a layer of jam in the middle.
lindabickley November 5, 2019
Thanks so much for your suggestion of a peach jam/preserves as we do like peaches; & like you said, peach & cinnamon are certainly a great combination.
Brenda November 3, 2019
Orange or lemon marmalade / preserves would be delicious as well.
lindabickley November 3, 2019
Would lemon curd work rather than lemon marmalade?
Brenda November 3, 2019
No. It has a different fat content and is like a creamy jam. Since this is being used for a glaze, you need a jam / marmalade / preserves.
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