I am going to sous vide chicken wings tonight. Once done, can I leave them in the fridge to dry for up to 16 hours prior to frying? Or is it too long?

Steven Bome


Gammy November 8, 2019
I am confused why the sous vide step prior to frying? Frying alone will cook the wings through. I don't see the sous vide step adding anything different to the process, am I missing something? To answer your question... like you might do for roasting a whole chicken, you can certainly air dry the wings in the fridge, even up to 24 hours to help intensify the crispy skin.
AntoniaJames November 8, 2019
I've never done it, but based on related experiences, I would say it's just fine! You want to dry out the wings so they get super crispy when frying. One would think that drier is better.

I'm interested though in what others with actual experience have to say on this . . . . Either way, let us know how it turns out. Thank you. ;o)
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