What to do without a pizza zone

I don't have a pizza stone. Is there anything I should do differently with the recipe? Also, where did you get the hibiscus flowers?

Kittie Messman


ChefJune November 16, 2019
I don't have a pizza stone, either. If you have an extra half sheet pan, put it in your oven upside down on the rack and let it heat up with the oven. Slide the galette in its pan on top the hot sheet pan to bake.
Kittie M. November 16, 2019
Thank you! I do have another sheet so will do this. By the way, are the hibiscus flowers in the tea or spice aisle of a store?
ChefJune November 16, 2019
Sorry I'm no help on this question. I've never used hibiscus flowers, nor seen them in the store in anything other than tea.
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