I follow the directions to a tee for a great pecan pie. But it is NEVER fully baked, even if i leave it in 5-10 more minutes. Whats the secret?

Cindi webb


Cindi W. November 19, 2019
What are you opinions on starting a pecan pie at 400’ then dropping the temp to 350’? I read in one of my books that any custard pie needs to bake low and slow...
boulangere November 20, 2019
The general rule of pies is that high initial heat sets the bottom crust, so your logic is spot on. Give it 15 minutes at 400, then turn the down for the remainder of the baking time.
Cindi W. November 19, 2019
Thanks for your thots. Helpful! I’ve been reading several recipes... the common thread is 350’ for anywhere from 40-60 minutes. Thats a big range. Your ideas will help.
boulangere November 19, 2019
Try to cultivate the habit of baking for doneness, not time. I know it sounds odd, but a pecan pie is a custard. The classic definition of a custard is anything which is set by the coagulation of egg protein. Cheesecake, crème brûlée, even pumpkin pie are a few. The doneness test for any custard is when you can bump the edge of the pan, and it just juggles in the center. If it's wiggly or wavy, it isn't done. Baking times are more of a guide than a guarantee. But a jiggle will never let you down.
grandrivergirl November 19, 2019
I wonder if your oven temperature is a little off.
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