What ingredient is whipped cream(whipped up 50%)

I’m looking at this recipe again and was about to it in to this cake but then I realized it said, exactly, whipped cream(whipped up 50%). Is that heavy whipped up, cool whip I have no idea please help hurryyyyy. And thank you.



Linh_iily132 August 12, 2021
What does whipped up 50% mean?
Stephanie B. November 23, 2019
If you could post the recipe, that might give us some clues (is it for filling cake layers, just to dollop on top, mixed in with something else?) I don't think it's cool whip, because the recipe would probably direct you to buy cool whip. If it's just whipped cream, I'd guess it's regular heavy whipping cream, whipped up to 50% more volume. I've only ever seen that kind of wording with bread, where recipes will tell you something like "ferment until risen 50%". But more context might help.
Confusionism November 23, 2019
Yeah that’s true. And it not exactly a written out recipe. It’s from YouTube(cooking tree) the no bake layer cheesecake. I could only provide the images and link to video. https://youtu.be/tD0mvdYRglM She used both regular whipping cream @5:04 and whipped cream (whipped to 50%) @5:45. The whipped cream (whipped to 50%) seems much thicker so it is probably whipped to 50% to the volume but do you how long I would have to whip it for and what speed.
Stephanie B. November 23, 2019
Ok, looking at the texture of that whipped cream I'd say you're going for a cream that holds soft peaks. This link has good descriptions and visual cues: https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/how-to-whip-cream-and-identify-the-peak-stage/
It should only take a couple minutes to get to soft peaks with an electric mixer, but I never time myself so rely on visual cues over time.
Confusionism November 23, 2019
Omg thank you. You are a life/party saver good thing the party is tomorrow and this was a no bake cake. Thank you very much.
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