Hi, I have pulled pork from publix I bought chilled. I've cooked it in broth but I meed to add sauce and travel 1 hour with it. When should I do so?

Add sauce now or keep broth and add sauce once there and try to reheat...should be possible!



Sauce G. November 29, 2019
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Brinda A. November 28, 2019
Hi Snowflake, happy Thanksgiving! I would reheat and add the sauce when you're at your destination, as it will probably be easier to transport separately, will help prevent the pork from getting soggy as it sits in the sauce, and since the pork will cool slightly during your hour-long travel, even if you sauce it beforehand, you'd likely have to reheat it regardless—might as well do everything all at once!

Hope this helps—happy Thanksgiving!
Snowflake November 28, 2019
Yes thank you and happy thanksgiving to you!
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